Hochstatter, Kelsey

Kelsey Hochstatter was born and raised in East Amherst, New York. Her family traveled often, and she quickly became captivated by the diversity of the natural world surrounding her. Kelsey went on to pursue her interests at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. She majored in Fine Arts, as well as Environmental Studies and Psychology.
Kelsey loves to explore the outdoors, shooting photographs of anything that inpires her – trees, tidepools, old buildings, and the myriad little details found in nature. She searches for “…the little things in life, which are naturally formed, often unobserved, and exude the purest kind of beauty.”
Whether through form, pattern, texture or color, these natural details continue to take shape in her paintings today. Kelsey also enjoys exploring flea markets and antique bookstores, finding traces of people’s lives – all of which provide her with hints and whispers of inspiration for her paintings.